Cambium. layer of an activity of dividing cell between the xylem and phloem which responsible for secondary growth of stem and root. Procambium. (produce new vascular tissue). Primary meristem where primary vascular tissue are developed. Procambium>primary xylem and primary phloem. Cambium. *Vascular Cambium. *Cork Cambium. These are secondary meristem in stem and root after the tissue of the primary plant body.Vascular cambium responsible for the diameter and forming a woody tissue and cork cambium produce some of bark. Cambium Structure. *Cell of the procambium differentiate to vascular tissue of xylem and phloem. *Plant in which the secondary growth are occur procambium remain meristematic and develop into (dicot and gymnosperm). Primary Tissue. Xylem and phloem(procambium). *If secondary growth occur this procambium remain into the form of cambium or lateral meristem in plant. *Secondary growth due to cambium or lateral meristem. *Cambium that are present in vascular bundle as stem collateral conjoint type of vascular bundle. xylem————-Cambium—————phloem Combil ring. Join of fascicular and inter fascicular cambium. Secondary growth × procambium>permanent tissue. Secondary growth procambium is a vascular bundle and lateral meristem. *Secondary xylem and secondary phloem from produced by periclinal division of cambium initial. *New cambium initial are produced by anticlinal. Secondary xylem>inner side. Secondary phloem>outer side.

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