Phylum Zygomycota.

2-phylum zygomycota. These are also called conjugated fungi. It is a smallest group of fungi.It makes 1% of true fungi.It contain 900 species.It is a familiar example of rhizopus Stolonifer. Habitat. It is a diverse habitat.These are trestrial organism.The live close to plants on dead decay matter.Mostly they are saprophyte.They decompose plant matter ,drug and role of carbon cycle.Some species can be found in water. Cell structure. Cell wall is a made of chitin .Zygospore is a thick wall.thallus is a coenocytic.In nutrition most species are saprobes and some species are parasites e.g insect. Importance. It is a parasite a kill the insect . Metabolic material is used in synthesis of semi synthetic steroid hormones.Certain species used in asia food fermentation. People can use it pathogenic power to control pest.These are pathogen of plant amebas , animal and their fungi .It cause serious infection in diabetic and immuno compromised individuals . A sexual Life Cycle. Sexual Reproduction. Classification of phylum zygomycota. Class:zygomycetes. Order:mucorales. Order:entomophyhoral. Genus:mucor rhizopus. Genus:entomphthora. Class:trichomycetes. Order:ecerinales. Order:herpellales. Genus:eccrina. Genus:herpella.

A Sex and sexual life cycle reproduction.


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