Classification of fungi.

Fungi are divided into 6 phyla.                           (1)Phylum Chytridiomycota.                               (2)Phylum Zygomycota.                                        (3)Phylum Basidimycota.                                       (4)Phylum Asomycota.                                          (5)Phylum glomelomycota.                        (6)Phylum deuteromycota.                              1-Phylum Chytridiomycota.                          It is a simple fungi , It is a true fungi.Apycard lake pre coustorian perit.More than 500 million  year ago.Cell wall is a made of chitin.One group is made both chitin and cellulose.Most chytrides are unicellular.Few are multicellular and coenocytic.e.g . Ecological habitate and cell structure is common in must protist.Chytride usually in aquatic enviorenment but some live on land e.g     some species thrive as parasite plant , insects and amphibians e.g Dendrobatidis. They cause disease in many species of amphibians resulting species decline in amphibians e.g Batracho Chytrium. And. Dendrobatidis is a skin disease. e.g Allomiyces is a sexual diploid spore and a sexual haploid spore and both meet each othe and made zygote. Life Cycle of Chytridiomycota. Phylum Chytridiomycota. Class chytridiomycetes. Order 1 chytridiales. Order 2 spizellomycetales. Order 3 synchytriales. Genus 1 chttridium. Genus 2 olipidium. Genus 3 synchytrium                                                                       

Life cycle of Chytridiomyctes


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