Different parts of flower

Flower is a highly specialized shoot which is responsible for production of fruit and seed is called flower. Four part of flowers. (1)Sepal. Sepal are outer most green flower sepal are collectly. (2)patel. The other part of flower are large colour part are called calyx flower They form whorl just inside the sepal,patel are collectly called Corola. (3)Stamen. Stamen are main organ of flower.They form whorl just inside Carola stamens are collectly called androsium. (4) Carpel. Female organ are flower.They are present in center of flower.Flower are collectly called gynecium. Perianth. If calyx and corolla are collectly known ase perianth.In some species calyx and corolla do not be differnciated.Thus stem perianth is used two conditions. (A)Poly Phyllous. Perianth are free from another. (B)Gamo phyllous. Perianth are united with one an other. Calyx. (A)Caducous. Sepals fall off very early soon ase the flower open. (B)Persistent. Sepal remain in place even after the food is formed. (C)Decedious. Sepal falls when the flower withers. (D)Petaloid and Sepaloid. Sepal look like petals is called Petaloid and petals look like sepals is called sepaloid. (E)Polysepalous. Sepals are free from one another. (F) Gamosepelious. Sepals are united with one another. Shape of Calyx. (a)Tubular. Tube like. (b)Infludibuliform . Fungal shape (c)Globose. Globe like. (d)Bilibiate. Forming two leaf. (e) Hooded. It is a hood like. (f) Spurred. It is a long hollow tube. Corola. (1) Cacluous. Petals fall of as soon as the flower open. (2) Sepaloid. Petals look like sepals . (3) Poly Petalous. Petals are freely form. There are 4 part. (A) Clowned. Petal are narrow at the base and expanded at the apex. (B) Croci form. Colour consist of 4 crowed petal and these are average in the form of cross. (C)Rosacea. Petals are 5 in number and they have very short cloud e.g rose (D) Carpey clacious. Calyx from long tube.It consist of 5 petals.Petals have long lives of petal spread out above the tubes. (4)Gamo Petalous. petal are united to each other.Ni of lobe or teeth indicate no of petal. Papilonacious. Five cloud petals.These petals are not similar to shapes. (A)Standard ir Vexilina. Upper posterior petals .It is large and conspicuous petal. (B)Wings. It is a two lateral free wing like petals. (C)Keel or Carina. Two interior most petal fused to form aborted shape structure.


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