Different method of plasmogamy.

Types of plasmogamy
Division of plasmogay
Life cycle of plasmogamy

(1) Gameto gamy. Fusion between two gametes is called gameto gamy. Gametes have naked wall cell , sexual cell , copulate to form zygote. If gametes have equal size and shape is called iso gamete. If gametes have different size and shape is called Aniso gamete. When one gametes is motile (male gamete)and other is non motile ( female gamete) is called hetero gammy or oogamy . (2) Gametangia gamy. Fusion between two gametangia is called gametangia gamy. If Gametangia is equal size and shape and made a zygote is called zygospore. And If gametangia are different size and shape and made a zygote. It is called oospore. Plasmogamy in Gametangia gamy. (A)Gametangia Copulation. In gametangia copulation wall is dissolved and they fused to each other. (B)Gametangia Contact. In gametangia contact wall do not dissolved and they do not fused to each other. (3) Spermatization. Spermatization is a unicellular minute like conidia , non motile and male cell. e.g puccinia rust . (4) Somatiogamy. No sex cell involve and somatic cell act as gametogamy e.g homo thallus and hetero thallus.

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