Meristematic tissue and type of Meristematic tisse.

Meristematic tissue
Structure of vascular cambium and cark cambium

Meristematic Tissue. As all the plants exhibit intermediate growth where the plant will continue to add new organs as root,stem or leaves. “Plants are able to grow due to some specialized tissue which is known ase meristematic tissue”. “The region where the cell divide again and again,the growth occur so it is called meristem”. All these cell quickly differentiate than change into permanent tissue as vascular tissue, dermanent tissue as vascular tissue,dermal tissue and so on. Type of meri stem. 1-Apical meri stem. 2-Lateral meri stem. 3-Intercalary meri stem. (1) Apical meri stem. Function is to extend plant growth. Apical meri stem are of two types according to locality. a)Root apical meri stem. b)Shoot apical meri stem. “The meristem which increase the length of plants is called apical meristem”It is tip of root and shoot. (2) Lateral meri stem. Lateral meristem represent the stem.It folicate the thick ness. “The meristem which increase the diameter width of plant is called lateral meri stem. (3) Intercalary meri stem. The locality region is leaf blade base. It is also called basal meristem.It is only present in monocot like repeated grassing. It is poesent in lief blade which extend the length of leaf. Meristem always folicate to primary and secondary organ. 1) Primary growth. The growth in which length of plant increase is called primary growth. 2)Secondary growth. “The growth in which width of plant increase is called secondary growth”It make plants wider. There are two type of lateral meristem which control secondary growth. 1-Vascular Cambium. 2-Cark Cambium. (1) Vascular Cambium. It increase the dimeter of root and stem It is also form wood tissue. e.g pine in gymno sperms . It cause the formation of xylem and phloem.It form secondary phloem out side the body of plants. (2) Cork Cambium. It cause the formation of bork when width of stem increase another type of meri stem replace epidermis and cortex .After their replacement special type of meristem arise is called cork cambium .The cell of inner region from secondary cortex.

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