Types of chlamydomonas.

Occurance. 150 species. Mostly uni cellular valvocals. Mostly presen in unicellular form very distributed algae. Present in pond,pools,riches,lakes, moist socks. It color is turbid green. Saline water. C ehrenberg. some species are present in sea water and some species are present in fresh water. Hymetochron color is red pigment. Structure. Simple cell structure 0.02mm size. There are four form of chlamydomonas. 1- spherical. 2- pyri form. 3- ellibsadle. 4- cylendricals. Eye spot. Eye spot covered by minute lense. Eye spot sensitive to light movement control. 2-eye spots are number c-plostigma are eye spot starch granules. Reserve product are starch. Pyrenaid reserved product cloroplast cup shape. Cytoplasm………….nucleus. 1-Cell wall. 2-Flagella. 3-Contractile vacoules . 4-Eyespot.

Structure of Chlamydomonas

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