Reprodection in Algae.

There are two type of reprodection. 1- Sexual Reproduction. 2- Sexual Reproduction. 1- A Sexual Reproduction. There are three type of a sexual reproduction. (A)zoospores. (B) Aplano spores (C) alma Stage. (A) Zoospores. Favour able , motile spore , Development star , First flagella disappear than division process start , than nucleus and protoplasm are divide than a spore are produced. Meiosis division start. Further 2 to 4 spore divided. Than division start 4 to 8 , 8 to 16 , 16 to 32 , 32 to 64 at maturity stage. Cell wall secreted. Flagella appear and cell cycle completed. (B) Aplano Stage. Unfavourable condition, Non motile, Nucleus and protoplasm divide must present in aplano spores. 2-16 spore produced. Thick wall structure, it convert into aplano spores. hypno spores are thick wall rounded shaped. Protoplasm divide 2-16 spore. Aplano spore to hypno spore to flagella. (C) palma Stage. Dry condition,moisture present.Doughter cell divided,paren cell. At the end musilage break. Than grow process start and flagella arise. 2-Sexual reproduction. There are three type of sexual reproduction. A) Iso gamy. B) Anisogamy. C) oogamy. (A)Iso gamy. Gametes that same size and structure. Male gametes+Female gametes. Sperm+egg. Fertilization. (zygotes.). (B)Anisogammy. Gametes have similar shape but different Size. Male gametes,small but active and female gametes large but inactive. (C)Oogamy. Gametes have different size and shape. Micro gametes have male gametes , small gametes,active gametes is called antheridia. Macro gametes have large gametes,less active archigonia. Antheridium and egg are fused further diploid zygote produces.

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